Live Mentorship Sessions

Mentorship Platform members can participate in frequent live small group sessions accommodating 5 guests at a time. 

These are intimate workshops where I will mix spots, showcase software, and demonstrate various editing techniques. I will also do live recording sessions with real talent!

Keep in mind, these sessions are first come first serve, so make sure to RSVP and be on time. If you can't show up, don't worry, more than likely someone will be next in line to take your spot.

I use SessionLinkPRO exclusively for these sessions. It's a high quality alternative to Zoom, built exclusively for audio record and mix! Please review the instructions below!

Set Up Instructions

SessionLinkPRO is simple to use. There are only 4 settings you. need to worry about. Please note that the Chrome browser is required and that currently, Apollo interfaces are not supported. Test SessionLinkPRO live using the button at the bottom of this page!


BOX 1: Audio Input
Select your audio interface and check your mic level.

BOX 2: Audio Output
Select your audio interface or computer sound card and test your headphones.
If you don't hear anything, somethings wrong.

BOX 3: Video
Select your camera.

BOX 4: Your Name
Enter your name and join the conference.
Keep in mind that you can leave the conference at any time, alter settings if needed, then return to the conference.