Press Kit

Hello, my name is Joe Miuccio and I'm the founder of Audio Pro Network and a 30 year veteran of the NYC audio post industry. For over 10 years, Audio Pro Network has been a labor of love. I started this private community for audio pros because I was disappointed with the trolls on existing networks and message boards. What can I say? When I see a problem I like to fix it. The professional side of APN has grown to over 700 verified members from all over the world. I could not be more proud of this accomplishment.

Several years ago I felt it was time give back to the industry I love by solving some issues I've been observing over the past decade. Two of the more pertinent issues were the lack of mentorship opportunities after audio school and the lack of diversity in the industry as a whole. Creating a mentorship platform would be the next logical step.

With so many students graduating from audio schools, competition is tough and positions are only given to those that are ready, or have existing industry connections. Many students graduate audio school feeling lost and not sure what to do next. My heart goes out to these graduates because I went through the same thing... but I had a savior. One of my classmates that I barely knew in college recommended me to her mom that ran a post production business. Her reason for the recommendation? Quick answer; I was helpful and kind to all of our fellow classmates. She had a lot of close friends she could have recommended, but she chose me because she thought I deserved it. Recognizing how her generous and thoughtful act changed my life forever, I have committed myself to paying it forward. 

​This network is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, education, collaboration and networking. I built so that everyone could have access to this incredible industry.

Joe Miuccio
Founder, Audio Pro Network