The Mic Locker™ 

$249.99 USD + Tax

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  • Our flagship studio condenser mic is great for vocals and instruments, rivaling the most expensive large diaphragm mics around.
  • Our shotgun mic is great for production sound, but you can use it for foley or any source that requires side sound rejection.
  • And finally, our USB mic is great for video conferencing, or laying down that quick song idea.


  • Studio-grade condenser xlr microphone that delivers premium audio performance for crystal clear audio capture - perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments.
  • Directional cardioid polar pattern and pure-aluminum-plated, 18mm-diameter-diaphragm condenser capsule
  • Smooth, wide ranging frequency response (20–20,000Hz) captures the full audible spectrum
  • High sensitivity and low signal-to-noise ratio captures every subtle nuance of your source audio
  • Includes hard case, foam pop filter, mic clip, shock mount and 6 foot mic cable.​
  • Requires +48V phantom power


  • Cardioid pickup pattern: Captures your voice with clear, focused sound for streaming, podcasting, broadcasting, Skype calls and Zoom meetings
  • Stylish retro design: Record or stream in style with a classic recording equipment design that looks great on your desktop and on camera
  • Adjustable desktop stand: Allows you to position the microphone in relation to the sound source, improving sound quality and saving space on your desktop for the optimal broadcast setup
  • Includes hard case, desk stand, mic clip and usb cable
  • This mic is USB 2.0, USB-C adapter not included


  • Pronounced directivity
  • Maximal rejection of side noise
  • Rugged all-metal housing
  • Very good suppression of structure-borne noise
  • Supplied with foam windshield, mic clip hard case and 6 foot mic cable
  • Requires +48V phantom power